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UPWRD is a cohort-based business development program designed to accelerate the growth of established businesses through expert-led coursework and peer-to-peer learning. Participants gain the knowledge they need to take their business to the next level and join an empowered community of small business owners across the United States and Canada.



UPWRD is brought to you by HoneyBook, the all-in-one business management platform for freelancers and creative small business owners. We help creatives streamline their process and get organized so they can build a successful business doing what they love. Because we believe that an empowered creative economy will change the world. 


Meet the team

Natalie Franke

Community Lead

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Maria Green

Community Lead

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“The creative economy is our future. At HoneyBook, our mission is to empower small business owners to rise together doing what they love. Programs like UPWRD unite passionate entrepreneurs to grow together—giving them access to transformative education and enabling them to forge lifelong relationships."

- Oz Alon, HoneyBook CEO

Natalie Walters

Community Support

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Topics & Schedule

Connect with industry peers and grow your business with UPWRD.
Learn from expert speakers including Tyler McCall, Reina Pomeroy, Jess Catorc, and more.
UPWRD Accelerator will run During November 2019,
final start and end dates TBD.  

Topics include: Passive Revenue + Diversified Income, Systems + Automation, Speaking + Communication, Email Marketing, Social Media + Content Marketing, Education + Mentoring, and more.

Who can apply

UPWRD is about more than education. It’s about connection. We’re building a community of passionate small business owners who want to support their industry peers while accelerating their business growth and expanding their network.

Do these apply to you?

I am a small business owner /solopreneur /freelancer

I am looking to take my business to the next level

I enjoy learning from my peers across industries

I have at least 3 years of business experience under my belt

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my community

what I do




"UPWRD has been an amazing experience for me. It came along at the right time when I was looking to shift the direction of my business. The program gave me access to the resources I needed to make the changes I want for the success of my business and best part was walking that journey with other kick ass creatives that had similar goals to tackle. The videos, the group chats, and the expert advice from other entrepreneurs doing it really gave me the push I need to not just start but get it done. So appreciative of the experience."

Abeki Carter


Learn from the experts, network with industry peers & level-up your business. Apply to UPWRD!

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